From the Principal's Desk

Dear Girls,

Education is a Spinal for our country. Hence with the help of education the social arrangements or system become stronger. The objective of the education is to develop the feeling of patriotism in students and make the students well mannered. Students, Teachers and the various educational institutes can efficiently follows the national life into an idol or inspired life. It also able to destroy the bad habits, controversies and unforeseen event.

The recent past years the word 'Woman Empowerment' used a lot. Without any doubt the medium of 'Empowerment' is education. For the growth especially for the abolishment of poverty and even for the maintenance of good character in new generation women empowerment is necessary.

With collecting and decorating these feelings the intelligent personalities of Patidar Society had successfully achieve their dream of opening B. Ed course in 'Umiya Girls College' with their continuous efforts. With this new course the girls of this state and society will get education and an alight the candle of Woman Empowerment.

I feel very proud to say that the whole credit goes to our honorable chairman Mr. Rameshwar Patidarji with the help of whom we are regulating B. Ed. Course in our institute. His sincere effort helps the society to move in forward direction. All the teachers working here are educated through renowned institute they use new techniques for teaching and even they also teach the girls to use these techniques in their future.

Dr. Alka Pathak