Secretary's Message

In the field of higher education 'Shri Umiya Kanya Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya' acts as a milestone. We all know that education and studies are the basic structures to avail excellent life. It reflects the peace, prosperity and development of nation and society. Some active social workers of Patidar Samaj started this college with the vision of girls development and their studies in the field of higher education. They started several courses for educating girls. We tried our level best to provide all sorts of facilities and courses to the girls for their best future. To conduct this task, is not expected by a single person, this holy vision mould through the continuous efforts of the eminent and active members of Patidar Samaj. They are motivating girls for studying and getting jobs with the help of this institute. It is requested from the society member that to contribute Shri Umiya Kanya Mahavidhyalaya for development. For the prosperity and development of girls, this institute has established and definitely in future it will prove as a milestone in the field of higher education for girls.

Mr. Babulal Patidar